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Take a look at our customers’ kind words about their experience with us to see what you can expect from Associated Plumbing & Sewer Service, Inc.! 


“A++ Pleased with the service I received. This is the only company in Washtenaw Co that I would personally recommend.”Kitty O.*

“Thank you to Kevin and Associated Plumbing for helping me both commercially and with my residential projects. The team at Associated Plumbing has always been fast and professional. If you would like to work with a company that treats customers fairly and with respect see Kevin and Associated Plumbing.”Tom B.* 

“Came within an hour of my call and completed a difficult job well with no complaints. I didn't think service like that happened in the world of plumbing! I will definitely be using Associated in the future.”Dan B.*

“The plumbers who came out to my home were professional, friendly, and very helpful. They arrived on time, finished the work in a timely manner, and cleaned up the mess on the floor before they left.” Judith T.*

“Trustworthy...I never have to worry. The only plumbers I would use. Had some plumbing leaks in the house Friday and their nice honest plumber fixed them, perfectly better than new! I've used this company for years and no they are not cheap. But, I get the job done properly, neatly, professionally and don't have worries after they leave! You get what you pay for. I appreciate the company and the great guy who fixed my plumbing on 1-30. Thanks!”Judith S.*

“Used them for years on multiple properties. Reliable and responsive service. We've always worked with Logan. He's been efficient, smart, trustworthy, and his work is even aesthetically pleasing. Clearly takes pride in what he does, a commodity which is difficult to put on a price on nowadays. Also, they've never charged us more than the bid.”Jessica L.*

“I called Associated Plumbing after our regular plumber could not snake past 70 feet in our sewer line. Per the recommendation of our plumber I called Associated and spoke with Kevin and asked about having a camera scope the line to determine the exact nature of the problem. Unlike other plumbers I called, he did not try to upsell me on any additional services. He quoted me a price for the camera work only. He also told me they host the video of the scope so that "you can get bids for the work you may need." I told Kevin I wanted to hire him. He and Phil came the next morning. After determining I had a lot of tree roots in the vitrified clay pipe, including a mass at 70 feet that was so overgrown even the camera could not get through, he said they could hydro jet the roots. He quoted me a price and I said "let's do it." He and Phil got to work and worked and worked and worked and worked. They worked on the problem roots for more than three hours but successfully removed all the root obstructions. And he did not charge me one penny more than the original quote. All in all we got our line cleaned for just under 1000.00. Kevin and Phil also did a fantastic job cleaning up. I highly recommend Associated Plumbing and will be calling them again in about 2 years to have our line scoped, just to check on the root situation.”Jay S.*

“I just moved into a new place and the garbage disposal wasn't working. I called around to a couple places and the soonest anyone could send someone was two weeks. I happened to be driving behind an Associated Plumbing truck and saw their number on the back so I gave them a call. They had someone over the same day (two hours after I called)! Excellent service and they fixed my garbage disposal in about 35 minutes! I highly recommend them.”Daniel K.*

“I had a mainline sewer backup; roots in the pipes which caused a small flood in my basement- a reoccurring problem that happens once or twice a year, after ACE Plumbing dug up our front yard and clearly didn't fix the issue (but that's another story). Anyway, so I called Associated Plumbing and they showed up within 2 hours when everyone else gave me a 6-8 hour wait time. The guy was friendly and professional, offered to clean up after the machine left some crud on the floor. I told him there was no need for that; I was going to bleach the basement floor anyway, but it was nice that this company has their guys clean up after themselves. I was charged about 70 dollars less than ACE plumbing and the service came with a 30 day guarantee. From now on, I plan on calling these guys for my plumbing issues. I thought they did a good job, and for less than what I expected to pay.”Sara B.*

“The sump pump in my basement failed and Associated replaced it this morning. Dan arrived at the scheduled time and the pump and check valve were replaced promptly. Dan explained the process to me and offered suggestions for back up systems. I definitely recommend these guys if you have plumbing issues.”Bill M.* 

“I was visiting my Mother in Ypsilanti, when the Hot Water heater went out. Much to my surprise the gas valve and venting was out of code as well. The plumber explained the problem and then showed me what was required. My Mothers home is an older home. The plumber fixed the problem which was very challenging, was very reasonable in the charge we were given and did a excellent clean -up after the work was done. It was a professional job and what I liked best was how well I was informed of the issues.” David G.*

“I had Mr Rooter out early in the year about my sewer backing up into my basement. Their technician came out and attempted to snaked my drain. He put a camera down and told me I had a pipe called "orangeburg" and told me I had to have my sewer line replaced from the front of my house to the street. I was given a tentative estimate of $4500 but was warned it could go much higher. I called Associated Plumbing for a second opinion. I was so glad I did too!! When my plumber, Kevin, arrived, he started with a camera down my drain, the first thing he said was that I didn't have orangeburg but clay. He then called James who came to snake out my drain. They stayed for a couple hours, snaking and putting the camera down the drain to make sure most of the blockage was gone. Both Kevin and James were extremely kind and helpful. Rather than spending nearly $5000 to have my front yard torn up I spent less than $500. I'm so happy I called Associated Plumbing and I'll always go back to them.”Connie C.*